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Real Estate Law encompasses a variety of matters, but is most often associated with residential sales transactions. Those transactions include the buying and selling of residential homes with the assistance of a title company usually selected by the purchaser. Individuals typically retain an agent to represent them in the transaction. However, that agent cannot provide legal advice. Furthermore, there are individuals that opt not to retain an agent. In situations where an individual does not retain an agent or requires legal assistance during a transaction, the Office can be of assistance. Circumstances under which the Office may be of service include, but are not limited to: the termination of a sales contract, claims against the earnest money deposit, the return of earnest money deposit after contract termination, the drafting of a residential sales contract, post-closing disputes, and inspection contingencies issues.

Commercial real estate transactions also fall under the general umbrella of Real Estate Law. Most often, legal issues arise during the buying and selling of commercial real estate and the leasing of commercial space. The Office offer services regarding the review and advisement of commercial leases. These are session based legal services that include the review and assessment of a proposed commercial lease, advisement to the client, and negotiation representation. The best time to seek legal assistance regarding a commercial lease is before it is signed by either party--especial for small businesses.

The Law Office of P. Hong Le, LLC offers a wide range of other Real Estate Law services regarding, but not limited to:

- Foreclosures

- Deed conveyances

- Landlord-Tenant

- Land disputes

- Nuisances

- Tax Sales

- Residential Sales Contracts

- Commercial Leases

- Residential Leases

- Easement Agreements

Contact the Office regarding your Real Estate Law matter and schedule a consultation today!

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