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Civil Litigation is a generalized term that commonly refers to disputes that are not criminal in nature. They typically involve contract disputes and injury based claims. The Office provides legal representation to clients that have been harmed physically or financially by other individuals or entities. Most civil disputes are filed at the District Court level in the County of your jurisdiction. However, depending on the type of dispute and the remedy sought, a claim may have to be filed with the Circuit Court.

Although the court system ultimately adjudicates disputes, many cases are settled and/or resolved prior to the filing of a complaint or a trial on the merits. 

The following is a non-exhaustive list of civil matters that the Office offers legal representation to its clients:

- Breach of contract

- Loan disputes

- Tort based claims involving personal injury

- Property disputes

- Failure to repay investments, ROI, etc.

- Contractor based claims

Deciding to proceed in a legal matter without representation may have serious consequences regarding your life and your finances. The Office can represent you and help you to achieve your goals while providing you with legal guidance every step of the way contact the Office today!

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