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Community Associations are unique developments that are bound by recorded governing documents that oblige homeowners to comply with certain covenants that were established to enhance the lifestyle of its residents. Whereas, easement agreements and land restrictions have been around for hundreds of years, community associations rapidly increased in popularization in the 1960s. The have become firmly entrenched in Americana and are typically associated with newly developed residential subdivisions. However, commercial parcels may also be subject to a community association. Because of the fact that community associations are created through a set of governing documents recorded against the land upon which they arise, they shall continue in perpetuity.

Community Association Law generally involves the day-to-day operations and governance of a planned development such as a community association, homeowners association or condominium. Representation of a community means working closely with its management agent and its board of directors, advising its board of directors, and providing legal services such as:

- Drafting formal legal opinions and memoranda

- Reviewing and interpreting governing documents

- Enforcing violations of covenants and rules and regulations

- Drafting amendments, resolutions, and rules and regulations 

- Drafting governing documents

- Reviewing proposed rules and regulations

- Vendor contract review

- Representing communities in legal disputes

- Advising communities in state and local legal matters

Hong has represented hundreds of communities throughout the State and he has dealt with a variety of legal issues that communities are confronted with on a daily basis. He has won monetary judgments and obtained injunctive relief for his clients who sought compliance with their governing documents. He understands the challenges that communities are faced with each day and he has the experience and knowledge to help guide community Board's on the right path. If you are interested in exploring what Hong can do for your community, please contact the Office today and schedule a consultation.

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